Goals & Challenges

Goals & Challenges

Short term goals.
1. Having a central office of operation in Nairobi. Currently we have been operating from a small home office but as the foundation grows in its mandate, we will need a base of operation outside the home office to allow for better operations.

2. To establish a program called ‘Beyond bars’, that will allow the foundation assist former inmates to settle and be reintegrated into the community effectively.

Long Term goals.
With the right resources, we want to use our outreach program to particularly do proper data mining and collection that will help influence in policy making by the main share and stake holders of correctional facilities.

Our outreach has exposed us to the need to address the issue of social ills right from the source. Transformation has to be from the source, and this is at family level. We are developing a model that allows for the proper reintegration of former inmates back to society. Bridging this gap is effective in redefining the way we look at the purpose of
correctional facilities.

We are targeting, that in a few years the socio-economic data we will have collected over time, from the source, which is the family unit, will help the government of the day and other stake holders, to review the impact of community service and parole in handling minor offences, and by large transforming the prison system for what its meant for, ‘Correctional intent’.

1.Fiscal funds required to be consistent in maintaining both our short and long term goals.